#TheLIST: 11 Decadent Airport Spa Treatments

#TheLIST: 11 Decadent Airport Spa Treatments
1 A Virtual Reality Massage
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Where: Be Relax Spa at Dubai International Airport

Why: If you’re raveling to or from Dubai this summer, you owe it to yourself to make a pit stop at the Be Relax Spa in Dubai International Airport to try out the strangest spa treatment we’ve heard of in a while: a virtual reality massage. Escape the stress of travel by getting a foot massage while you submerge yourself in VR scenarios that include observing dolphins swimming, elephants in their natural habitat, and a 360-degree view from a hot air balloon ride. You’ll find this treat in all DXB concourses after security.

2 Jetlag Leg Treatment

Nothing like a full tune up massage and hot shower, followed by Ginger tea, before a long flight home! A must have now in international travel if you can afford it.

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Where: Etihad Airways Premium Lounges, Abu Dhabi Airport

Why: The Jetlag Leg Treatment (and other spa treatments) are only available to First and Business class passengers on Etihad Airways at Abu Dhabi Airport’s Six Senses Spa. This 15 or 25 minute treatment involves a leg scrub and cooling compressions that reduces swelling after flights. You can also get a warm stone foot massage, exfoliating facial, or an under-eye treatment that combines acupressure with lymphatic movement for less-puffy eyes.

3 Seaweed And Gold Facials

Where: John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City

Why: XpresSpa, which has posts at both JFK in New York City and LAX in Los Angeles, provides two facial treatments so luxe you’ll forget you’re not at a Park Avenue spa. The XPres Spa Enrich Seaweed Facial relies on two different exfoliants and a nourishing seaweed mask that’s rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to leave skin instantly smoother. The Golden Glow Gel Face Mask is a hydrogel face mask made with actual gold and botanical extracts that helps reveal glowy skin. Both treatments are ideal for warding off the dry, flaky skin synonymous with long-haul flights.

You can find XpresSpa at Terminal 1 across from Gate 5, Terminal 4 at Concourse A, Terminal 4 at Concourse B, and Terminal 4 across from Gate 39

4 Cinnamon Oxygen Bar

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Where: Oxygen Lounge JUKO at Narita International Airport in Toyko, Japan

Why: Because regular air is so boring (and also often polluted and scarce on flights), the self-service Oxygen Lounge in Tokyo’s airport brings you the opportunity to breathe in fresh O2 that has been infused with relaxing aromas. You can choose from scented oxygen like cinnamon, lime, and eucalyptus menthol. Some say inhaling oxygen can reduce stress and even enhance your skin’s radiance (though it’s important to be honest and realistic: there’s no science to back these claims). Also: make sure you do your research about health risks for certain conditions before you indulge in a little O2 therapy. Rates are about $7 for 10 minutes of oxygen therapy and $5 for every 10 minutes after.

5 Miami Spray Tan

Where: Jetsetter Spa at Miami International Airport

Why: You didn’t think you could leave—or enter, for that matter—Miami without some semblance of a (fake) tan, did you? At the Jetsetter Spa, located on the second level of South Terminal H, you can strip down to your bikini for a quick spray tan and also get a manicure, pedicure, and massage. You’ll be beach-ready before you even step out of the airport.

6 Fish Spa Pedicure

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Where: Wellness Oasis in Chiangi Airport, Singapore

Why: The signature fish spa pedicure at the Wellness Oasis in Chiangi Airport isn’t for the squeamish. Garra rufa (also known as “nibble fish”) swim in a pool just waiting for you to dunk your poor, tired feet in so they can help exfoliate the dead skin cells off your toes and heels. Search for the spa at level 2 in the Departure Lounge (near D gates).

7 A-Lift Anti-Aging Facial

Another of my favourite pieces of technology. @alift_official A-LIFT Nano and Micro Current technology. Repair, heal, regenerate, lift, sculpt and re-charge. What more do you want? The power of using electrical frequencies on the skin is so underrated. they can truly work some magic! Book an appointment for my bespoke electrical treatment in London or Kent. #electricalfacial #electricbeauty #skintreatments #facialistlondon #londonfacialist #facialsculpting #musclereeducation #nanocurrent #microcurrent #electricalcocktails #beauty #skincare #healthyageing #bbloggers #facials

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Where: Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Spa At Heathrow Airport, London

Why: No, you can’t get Botox (yet) at Heathrow Airport, but if you are a member of the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, you can book an A-Lift anti-aging facial treatment. The15 or 30 minute non-invasive treatment uses nano-current technology to lift, tone, and promote lymphatic drainage. Your collagen production will get a boost and your face will appear instantly smoother and more radiant. The Clubhouse also operates at London Gatwick, London Revivals, and New York JFK airports.

8 Hydrotherapy Tub

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Where: Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Center at Hamad International Airport in Qatar

Why: Come for the Insta-worthy 25-meter temperature-controlled indoor pool at this airport spa (which looks like something from a Sci-Fi flick), but stay for the hydrotherapy tub.This ancient practice involves using hot and cold water to relax your muscles, improve circulation, and (potentially) boost your immune system. Fans of hydrotherapy swear it can help you sleep better, something you’ll need after or before a long flight, and can ca;m pre-flight jitters and sniffles.

9 Ayurvedic Foot Massage

It’s the simple pleasures that make life really sweet. We love indulging in a footbath at our Portland, OR or Boulder, CO spas. What simple pleasures do you enjoy? Let us know in the comments! #peace #love #footbaths

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Where: The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa in Portland International Airport

Why: If you’re the sort of wellness enthusiast who knows the importance of taking care of your feet for your overall health, you’ll find a kindred soul in this Portland spa. Incredible foot-centric treatments include Pad Abhyangha, an Ayurvedic foot massage that focuses on key energy centers called marma points, and has been known to relieve anxiety, hypertension, insomnia, cramps, you name it. The spa’s Foot Baths are worth boarding your flight a little later: choose among a menu that includes a warm milk foot bath, healing Himalayan pink salt bath, and an anti-inflammatory honey bath. You’ll find this spa past security in Concourse C.


10 Complimentary Clarins Facials

Bi-sérum Intensif + Crème Hydra-Essentiel testés et approuvés par @Alpa.rama ! #Regram #Hydratation #Paris

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Where: Air France lounge at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

Why: Paris is synonymous with luxury skincare, which is why it makes perfect sense that Air France passengers can benefit from complimentary Clarins facials. Using plant-based products, Clarins facialists diagnose your specific skin type and skin concerns and design a treatment suited to your skin needs. You’ll board your flight with already-glowing skin and a bag filled with luxury skincare goodies.

11 Sensitive Skin Facial

Redness? Acne? Dryness? No need to worry, leave it to us. Book your Absolute Prescription Facial now! We will customize it to your skin needs. Check out this great before and after picture of one of our beautiful guests. #absolutespa #facial

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Where: Absolute Spa at Vancouver International Airport

Why: When you have sensitive skin or rosacea and are prone to inflammation and redness, the stress of flying can really take its toll on your skin. Few traditional spas make taming red skin their number one priority, but the Soother Facial at Absolute Spa is a 60-minute treatment that incorporates aloe vera leaf extract, allantoin, rose geranium, and peptides to reduce redness and thoroughly hydrate irritated, dry skin. This spa also deserves a shout out for providing a massage and sandalwood facial designed specifically for pregnant passengers.


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