Cookware Diaries 101: 7 Perfect Alternatives to a Broiler Pan

Cookware Diaries 101: 7 Perfect Alternatives to a Broiler Pan

Quick Tip!

Do not use glass dishes or casseroles while broiling, since glass cannot withstand very high temperatures.

Broiling is a quick cooking method in which food is directly cooked under high heat inside the oven broiler. It is similar to grilling, with the only difference that the source of heat is above the food in broiling, as opposed to grilling, where the heat source is below the food. Broiling is mainly used for meat, poultry, and fish although fruits and vegetables can also be broiled. Broiled foods brown on the surface and have a caramelized flavor.

Broiling is a healthy cooking option compared to frying since it eliminates fats from food (usually meat) while cooking. To achieve this, broiling is carried out in a specially designed vessel known as the ‘broiler pan’. In this Buzzle article, we will discuss what a broiler pan is and what are its alternatives.

What is a Broiler Pan?

The vessel which is used to hold the food while broiling is called a broiler pan. Usually, the broiler pan is rectangular in shape, and is composed of two pans that are placed one above the other. They are, a shallow upper-slotted pan and a deep lower-drip pan. The former holds the food and allows the drippings to drain into the lower pan, whereas the latter captures the drippings from the food placed in the upper pan.

Broiler Pan

Broiler pans can be easily purchased at local food and gourmet stores. However, if you do not have one, you can use some of the alternative cookware as discussed below.


Roasting Pan
A roasting pan is a large deep pot used for roasting meat in the oven. The material used to make a roasting pan is the same as that of a broiler pan. It is usually made of stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum, cast iron, or enameled steel as these materials can withstand extremely high temperatures. Also, some of them come with a rack that can be placed over the pan. A roasting pan is therefore, one of the best alternatives that can be used for broiling.

Cast Iron Pan/Pot
Cast iron cookware has gained immense popularity since iron is a good conductor of heat, and it evenly distributes heat throughout the surface. As a result, the food gets cooked thoroughly inside out. Cast iron pots and pans are therefore an ideal choice for broiling. These utensils can be commonly found in almost every household, and therefore, you may not need to shell out extra money to buy them.

Grill Pan

Paella Pan
Square-shaped Stew Pot
Baking Tray
You may also use a baking tray instead of a broiler pan. However, before using it, make sure that the tray is capable of withstanding the broiler heat by reading through the manufacturer’s instructions.

Aluminum Foil Tray
This alternative comes handy when there is no other option left. It has two advantages over the remaining alternatives. First, the aluminum foil tray comes at a dirt-cheap price. Second, the tray is disposable, and therefore, it saves your time and effort to clean it after broiling.

How to Use the Alternatives

Method #1

Line the bottom of the broiler pan substitute with vegetables like carrots, onions, potatoes, or turnips. Place the meat on top of these vegetables, and keep it in the oven for broiling.

Method #2

Place a wire cooling rack over the broiler pan substitute. Place the meat on the rack and keep it in the oven for broiling.

If you are using method #1, the fat drippings from the meat will season the vegetables as they cook along with the meat. These vegetables can hence be served as a side dish. If you do not wish to use vegetables, you can make use of aluminum foil instead. Make a few foil balls by crumpling the aluminum sheet and cover the entire bottom of the broiler pan substitute with them. Place the meat over the foil balls and cook.

You can use any metal pan for the broiling purpose as long as it does not warp under high heat. However, do not use a pan with plastic or wooden handles. Apart from this, you may also make use of certain ceramic containers that are specifically designed for broiling.

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