Claudia’s hair and beauty secrets revealed… – Woman Magazine

Claudia's hair and beauty secrets revealed... - Woman Magazine

Tips and tricks from the stunning Strictly star: Claudia’s hair and beauty buys revealed…

A thick, shiny fringe, pale pink lipstick, and not forgetting that trademark kohl eyeliner, while many people might have a signature style, Claudia Winkleman has a signature make-up look. It’s very rare that we see Claudia without her unusual, arresting blue eyes ringed in black pencil, but as the TV presenter herself admits, “Some people put on a power-suit [to go to work], I grab a black shiny stick of kohl.”

claudia's hair and beauty secrets

However, when she’s not in front of the camera, Claudia Winkleman doesn’t actually wear any make-up at all. Although it’s difficult to imagine the Strictly star without her signature heavily lined lids, Claudia actually revealed to Stylist magazine, “in normal, non-telly world I’m freakishly pale and don’t wear make-up.”

Talking about her signature hairstyle – that face framing fringe – Claudia has previously revealed:

“I first wanted a fringe like Chrissie Hynde when I was in my 20s to disguise my massive forehead.”

Nearly #strictly #musicals

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Claudia Winkleman with her Strictly Come Dancing co-presenter Tess Daley. Credit: @amiclaudiawinkleman

“I’ve never changed my hairstyle since. My fringe immediately makes me feel good.” Hair stylists to the stars Michael Charamboulous has looked after Claudia’s hair for years. The mother-of-three credits the hairdressers with keeping her fringe looking fabulous at all times.

So, for someone so stubborn and set in their make-up ways, what are Claudia’s hair and beauty secrets? Which is the infamous Claudia Winkleman eyeliner that is the stars go-to?

Here’s what you could expect to find in the Claudia Winkleman make-up bag…

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash Primer 1/8

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash Primer

For a flawless complexion and dewy finish to her base make-up, Claudia is obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow. “I think it might have been made by actual mermaids, it is so brilliant.”

Buy it now – Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, £38.50, John Lewis

Lancôme Flash Bronzer 2/8

Lancôme Flash Bronzer

Claudia’s favourite bronzer is Lancôme Flash Bronzer. For her, the bronzer you are the better – something that has been engrained in her since childhood.

“I was brought up on Dallas and Sue Ellen Ewing was my first beauty influence” Claudia admitted. “Since Dallas, I’ve always believed that pale is, in fact, not interesting and that orange is best.”

Buy it now – Self-tanning face gel, £26.00, Boots

Lord and Berry Polish Eyeliner in Black 3/8

Lord and Berry Polish Eyeliner in Black

A signature smokey eye is the main focus of Claudia’s trademark make-up look. The key to her ‘lived in’ black liner look, is unsurprisingly, making sure the line is not too neat. The star draws tiny dashes of eyeliner around her eye and then smudges them together.
Her go-to eyeliner for the look? Lord and Berry Polish Eyeliner in Black “never brown” – Claudia is very firm about this.

Buy it now – Eyeliner in Black, £11, Lord and Berry

Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara in Black 4/8

Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara in Black

Heavy eyeliner can make your eyes appear smaller, so Claudia combats the affect by lengthening the look of her lashes with a lash-boosting mascara.

Her wand of choice? Lancôme’s Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara – in black, of course.

Buy it now – Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara in Black, £22.50, Lancôme

Gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel 5/8

Gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel

Although we rarely see Claudia Winkleman’s eyebrows under her heavy fringe, when she does wear her hair swept to the side, her eyebrows are always bushy yet preened. Like the rest of her make-up, they are ‘done’ to look effectively messy.

To keep them in check the star turns to Benefit Brow Gel.

Buy it now – Brow Gel, £20, Benefit

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick in ‘Velvet Teddy’ 6/8

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick in ‘Velvet Teddy’

For Claudia’s signature pale pink pout, the star loves this MAC Fleshpot Lipstick in ‘Velvet Teddy’.

Buy it now – lipstick, £15.50, MAC

Eve Lom Cleanser 7/8

Eve Lom Cleanser

And to take all of that trademark make-up off? Claudia swears by this cleansing cream by Eve Lom

Buy it now – Cleanser, £55, Eve Lom

Head & Shoulders Nourishing Care 3Action Formula Shampoo 8/8

Head & Shoulders Nourishing Care 3Action Formula Shampoo

Unsurprisingly for someone who is the face of Head & Shoulders shampoo, the star says that she uses this shampoo to keep her hair looking “super shiny.”

“I used it religiously for three months,” Claudia confided in Hello! Magazine. “In fact the whole family did, and it works. I’m not just saying this…my hair has never been shinier or glossier.”

Buy it Buy it now – Head & Shoulders shampoo, £3.06, Waitrose

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